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Join thousands of young adults who are choosing to spend their gap year at a post graduate academy.

The post graduate year is between high school and college and it's where students can pursue a passion, do meaningful volunteer work, improve their academics, and  improve their athletic performance. 


Students know that an academic year will help them to improve their grades and test scores, develop stronger collaborative skills, experience a taste of structured independence, and develop collegiate level study and writing skills.  Students also know that an additional athletic year will improve their skill set, mindset, and improve future opportunities.  Spending a year at a post graduate program doesn't affect NCAA eligibility!

Aim High International's Post Graduate program does all this and more!

Why you SHOULD attend Aim High International for Post Grad:

Eligibility Saving "Gap Year"

Use the year to transform your academics and athletics without using your college eligibility.  Aim High International offers year-round strength and conditioning program with certified instructors and the opportunity!

College Placement Assistance

Exposure to NCAA Division I, II, and III, NAIA, Junior College, and NCCAA college programs from across the country through sport!
This includes regular season play and showcase events.  Plus, Aim High International coaches will work for you to find college options you may not have otherwise had. 

ACT/SAT Preparatory Class

Take the year to improve upon your ACT/SAT score with our Princeton Review based class so you improve your chances of acceptance at the college YOU want to go to.


Spend a year strengthening your maturity while focusing on being successful, confident and responsible people where values of character and service are just as important as academic skills.  This year can be a helpful transition between home and college.

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