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Are you looking for year-round intense basketball training, strength and conditioning, camps/leagues, and promotion? Become an Aim High International Franchise Player. Whether your goal is to make a high school, college or pro team, The Franchise Player program will help you develop the plan. put it into action, and become a step closer to your goal!  


  • Personal interview with athletic review.

  • Initial skills assessment (w/ video recording)

  • Assessment meeting and goal setting

  • Customized personal training plan that includes academics, athletics, and nutrition.

  • Up to 6 hours of basketball training weekly.*

  • Up to 3 strength/conditioning/plyometric sessions weekly.

  • Weekly/Quarterly academic study tables and mentoring

  • Unlimited access to age-appropriate Aim High International Camps, Leagues, Tournaments 

  • Quarterly athletic reviews

  • Online media presence mentoring.

  • Recruitment guidance.

  • Your name and information promoted on the Aim High International online roster with links to your YouTube/Hudl videos.

  • Aim High International social media "Shout outs" about your progress.

 *may exclude holidays

$5500 per year
$15000 career (6th grade-Pro)

*younger ages may participate after a successful tryout.

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