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We are excited that you are considering Aim High International! On this page you will find details on how to request information and to apply.

Aim High International has a priority application deadline of May 1 for September admission and a rolling admission policy after that date based on space availability. Second quarter or mid-year enrollment may be possible in many grades and is handled on a case by case basis - contact the Admission's Office for more information.

Here is a checklist for a complete application for all Domestic and International applicants:

  • Application form 

  • Transcripts 

  • Recommendation

  • Standardized test scores *

  • Interview (in person, by phone or skype)

  • Tour/campus visit (optional)


International applicants need to submit the following additional items:​

  • TOEFL, Duolingo, SLEP or other English proficiency test, TOEFL Junior acceptable for applications to grades 8 and 9

  • Parent financial affidavit

  • Copy of passport

  • Copy of Visa and I-20 if transferring from a school in the USA

  • Official transcript

Please note that all forms and an enrollment contract and deposit must be completed and received before an I-20 can be issued. It is best to send all admissions materials together to help expedite the decision and enrollment process.

Consultants/Guardians: It is important that the student's home address is on the application for issuance of the I-20. Consultant and guardian information should be placed in the International Student Supplement section of the online application.

Information may be returned by:

By email:

The Investment

Aim High International Tuition & Fees are ranked among the lowest in the country for private school education with national sports programs. 

An Aim High education is an investment in the future of your child so they’re prepared for college and beyond with a foundation in character, service, and faith.

Our education provides lifelong value, but we understand that affording a private school tuition can sometimes present a significant obstacle. As such, we work diligently to help qualified families close the gap between what they can afford and the cost of an Aim High education. 

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Day Students (Highlands County)  $12,500

Day Students $20,000

Boarding Students $36,000

download (2).jpg


Late Fee                                        $50.00

Rush Fee                                       $50.00

504 Plan                                        $250.00

I20 Fee                                          $100.00

Non-Routine Documentation     $50.00

Local Transport Fee                     $30.00

Airport Transport Fee                  $150.00

Transcript                                      $50.00

Diploma                                        $100.00

*First transcript will be provided at graduation/transfer for no charge.



Aim High International is committed to assisting qualified students who have demonstrated potential but are unable to afford full tuition. The financial program supports Aim High International's commitment to enrolling an economically diverse student body by helping families with financing Aim High International educational expenses. APPLY HERE

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